AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2021-04-17Add release 3.0.1.HEAD3.0.1masterChristopher Brannon
2021-04-17Fix build dependenciesMario Domenech Goulart
xml-rpc-server and xml-rpc-client depend on xml-rpc-lolevel, but those dependencies were not specified in the .egg file. This was not a problem because of an issue in CHICKEN. Now CHICKEN has been fixed (b175ce65fe17c in the chicken-core repository) and the issue has been exposed in some eggs.
2021-04-17Remove srfi-4 from list of dependenciesMario Domenech Goulart
srfi-4 is a core unit provided by CHICKEN (not an egg).
2021-04-06Add .release-info file.Christopher Brannon
2021-04-06Be a little more aggressive about specifying dependencies.Christopher Brannon
srfi-1, srfi-4, srfi-18, and srfi-69 are already pulled in transitively because of other dependencies, so 3.0 isn't broken. I do think it's better to be explicit rather than relying on transitive dependency relationships that might break.
2021-04-05Add a basic Brannon
2021-04-05Add error tests for a couple more things that can't be marshaled.3.0Christopher Brannon
Namely complex numbers and procedures. Assert that attempting to marshal them results in an error.
2021-04-05Port to Chicken 5.Christopher Brannon
I imported the Chicken 4 version from subversion, to preserve history and make it obvious what I changed during the port.
2016-02-14Tag xml-rpc 2.1sjamaan
2016-02-14xml-rpc: Fix nasty alist-ref hack that depended on comparison procedure ↵sjamaan
argument order.
2012-03-01xml-rpc: Fix tests so they don't try to compare hash-tables immediately and ↵sjamaan
update copyright notice
2012-02-28xml-rpc: Fix test not to make assumptions about hash table orderingsjamaan
2011-06-14xml-rpc: Stupid mistake: they're items 6 and 7, not 7 and 8sjamaan
2011-06-14xml-rpc: Add a workaround to the tests so they ignore the day-of-week and ↵sjamaan
day-of-month values when parsing ISO dates since those aren't present. It is undefined what strptime() does to fields that aren't present in the input & format strings.
2011-06-02Get rid of all release-info files. They are not neccessary in's ↵sjamaan
svn anymore because pseudo-egg-meta-info is now fully functional on
2011-03-26Add (currently unused) 'repo' form to all release-info filessjamaan
2011-03-25update (almost) all eggs' meta files to include a complete (files ...) entry ↵syn
for compatibility with THE SYSTEM
2011-03-20Bulk add release-info files for all eggs (damn, I sure hope this doesn't ↵sjamaan
contain stupid errors). Eggs NOT yet tagged: * classifiers * cvjm * dataset-utils * ext-direct * gazette-tools * gdbm * google-v8 * graphics-gems * medea * mojo * mongrel2 * mpfi * objc * pulseaudio * s11n * sexp-diff * ssql * ssql-postgresql * termite * ugarit * validator
2010-10-24xml-rpc: Check for test failuresjamaan
2009-07-25Tag xml-rpc version 2.0, it is finished now (haha, does anyone believe that?)sjamaan
2009-07-25Always close ports, also when an exception occurredsjamaan
2009-07-25Fix connection handling (simply close connection always)sjamaan
2009-07-25Implement a simple xml-rpc proceduresjamaan
2009-07-25Implement request/response handlersjamaan
2009-07-15Include the content-type: text/xml header in requests, for picky serverssjamaan
2009-07-15Import basic server code - no real infrastructure for handling POSTS yet. ↵sjamaan
The code now assumes we have everything in SXML form
2009-07-15Fix tests and separate out the construction of a method callsjamaan
2009-07-14Implement new, properly tested, version of xml-rpc based on http-client and ↵sjamaan
sxpath. TODO: documentation and xml-rpc-server module