AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-10-14Actually fix a bug I claimed to fix.HEAD0.3masterChristopher Brannon
2021-07-31Work around some legacy behavior on some web servers.0.2Christopher Brannon
2021-04-08Remove dummy values from atom feed.0.1Christopher Brannon
2021-04-02Correct executable name in lighttpd config example.Christopher Brannon
2021-03-31Split out site-customizable variables into /etc/nawp-site.scm.Christopher Brannon
2021-03-31Forgot to mention that variables should be customized per site.Christopher Brannon
2021-03-31Delete stale variable definition.Christopher Brannon
2021-03-31Add sales bullshit to README.Christopher Brannon
2021-03-31Add headings and a note about clone URLs to README.Christopher Brannon
2021-03-31Fix MIME type.Christopher Brannon
2021-03-31More README updates.Christopher Brannon
2021-03-31Update README.Christopher Brannon
2021-03-31Bugfixes.Christopher Brannon
2021-03-31Remove stale comment from README.Christopher Brannon
2021-03-31Initial import.Christopher Brannon