I'm a blind guy with a passion for free software, open protocols, and the Linux operating system.

My latest project is the Blind and Low Vision Unix Users Group, BLVUUG. Its homepage is blvuug.org.

I used to host a speech-enabled version of the Arch Linux install media, called TalkingArch, on this site. That is only of historical relevance, because the Arch Linux ISO now includes support for braille and speech output.

Here is a picture of me from 2011.


Contacting Chris

If you want to contact me, use the address chris AT the-brannons DOT com. Here is a link to my current GPG key.

I hang out on the Libera.chat and OFTC IRC networks, and my IRC nickname is teiresias. I can also be found on XMPP as chris@chat.number89.net.